Friday, June 2, 2006

Just another day at the office

Twas a fun Friday..
I met my buddy Steve at 7am and we hung out in Matthew 9. I bought a vacuum and two toasters from Wal-Mart. Random, I know. Our cute little church is moving into a new building Sunday so we're getting everything all ready to go. While I was on a ladder switching out those long tube light bulbs, I got a call with an official offer at the new company I applied for. YAY. At work, it was REALLY fun turning in my 2-week notices to my bosses. Yeah, their department is falling apart. They need 15-18 reps and in two weeks, they will have 6. LOL! My coworkers were equally excited for me as they daydreamed about quitting.
I stopped by Barnes and Noble at lunch and had a lovely time browsing around. The day in general was fun as my coworkers and I goofed off.
So, the highlight of my evening (so far)..
I skip into my apartment building and check my mail slot thingy. There is one lonely little postcard. Someone wants me to call an 800 to hear some good news. I can't resist! I mean, good news is such a wonderful way to end a long week, right?

So, I call the 800 number. A very ghetto woman answers and tells me that I've just been entered into a one million dollar sweepstakes. WOOT! Good news so far..
Then, she gives me "the deal"
I get a $1,200 shopping spree and a 3 night vacation if I'll simply buy a magazine subscription for a year. WOW!!! What wonderful news!

Errr, only there is one little problem. I have that nagging little voice in the back of my mind that tells me how retarded I am for getting excited about this scam. Fine. So I compromise. I decide to ask a few wise questions just to confirm that this is a legit offer. Surely, if the post card says that there is good news, this must be totally honest. I start asking a few key questions about the $1,200. Yep, it's totally free as soon as I buy my magazines. The lady eventually transfers me to an equally ghetto supervisor. She suddenly gets pushy and wants my credit card number. I'm like, "well, send me the $1,200 and then I'll send you the money for the magazines. Heck, I'll sign up for a lifetime subscription." She continues to be pushy. As soon as I say, "I'm not giving you my credit card number over the phone," the next sound I hear is the click of the phone being hung up in my face. Oh well, I'm sure it was a mistake.

Now, I'm watching the most beautiful sunset that's happening just outside my oversized living room windows. Again, I'm thankful I bought this laptop last year so I can be comfy on my couch and hear the cool sounds of laptop typing.

Who knows what the future holds for the rest of my evening? It surely will be a blast either way. Shooot dude. Whether something magnificent happens and I'm swept into an adventure or if I just pass out from too many yoohoo's, the day will end with a bang.

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