Sunday, June 25, 2006

An evening with quite a dynamic

I have found myself this weekend searching. A few key questions that have been on the back burner long enough now demand firm answers.
-What do I stand for?
-Why do I live in Birmingham?
-How does my life impact those closest to me?
-How straight up am I and how fake am I?
-How long will allow mediocrity to fill my free time?
-Should I start dating?
-Am I properly preparing to be the man/husband/father/leader that I am called to be?
-What vows to God have I made that I am breaking?
-Do I spend my money wisely?
-Where do I fit in?
-How long until I can move overseas?
-Do I truly love those around me?

Tough questions. Tougher responses.

Friday, June 16, 2006


If I were to make a list of all the substances that would NOT make good objects to hurl inside a house, EGGS and MAYO would be somewhere near the top of the list.

As I sit and type this blog, my toes are sticky from egg yolks and my arm feels fuzzy from mayo. My new clothes are soaking in the bathroom sink. The livingroom smells odd.



Monday, June 5, 2006

Another wonderful Monday

Wow, I just saw the tallest woman ever walk by.

Ok, so today was.... fun.

I wake up all early and buy a truck. On ebay that is. Crap, it's in New York so I better go get it soon.

Work is swell. It ends a little funny though. HR calls me in for a meeting at the end of the day since they apparently heard from someone that I was talkin junk about the company. I wasn't actually. I'm extra careful when I leave a company to finish the last two weeks really strong. It's always a bad idea to burn your bridges. So, the HR lady asks me if I'm unhappy, why I'm leaving, etc. I hesitate at first but she insists. Fine. I lay it out on the table for 45 minutes. I sincerely and unashamedly pour out everything about the department, the good, the bad. I tread on some of those forbidden territories and notice the pour old lady gulp a time or two, certainly wondering if the anxiety is visible. The conversation ends with an offer for today to be my last day. I accept with a bit of dissapointment in my voice. If nothing else, I have a two week paid vacation.

Yay. I guess it's time for planning a little trip to NYC. I figured I'd fly there but perhaps I'll take a train instead. What's 24 hours chilled out on a train? Maybe it will even lead to a little train romance. Hey, I've got the world ahead of me for the next couple weeks.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Just another day at the office

Twas a fun Friday..
I met my buddy Steve at 7am and we hung out in Matthew 9. I bought a vacuum and two toasters from Wal-Mart. Random, I know. Our cute little church is moving into a new building Sunday so we're getting everything all ready to go. While I was on a ladder switching out those long tube light bulbs, I got a call with an official offer at the new company I applied for. YAY. At work, it was REALLY fun turning in my 2-week notices to my bosses. Yeah, their department is falling apart. They need 15-18 reps and in two weeks, they will have 6. LOL! My coworkers were equally excited for me as they daydreamed about quitting.
I stopped by Barnes and Noble at lunch and had a lovely time browsing around. The day in general was fun as my coworkers and I goofed off.
So, the highlight of my evening (so far)..
I skip into my apartment building and check my mail slot thingy. There is one lonely little postcard. Someone wants me to call an 800 to hear some good news. I can't resist! I mean, good news is such a wonderful way to end a long week, right?

So, I call the 800 number. A very ghetto woman answers and tells me that I've just been entered into a one million dollar sweepstakes. WOOT! Good news so far..
Then, she gives me "the deal"
I get a $1,200 shopping spree and a 3 night vacation if I'll simply buy a magazine subscription for a year. WOW!!! What wonderful news!

Errr, only there is one little problem. I have that nagging little voice in the back of my mind that tells me how retarded I am for getting excited about this scam. Fine. So I compromise. I decide to ask a few wise questions just to confirm that this is a legit offer. Surely, if the post card says that there is good news, this must be totally honest. I start asking a few key questions about the $1,200. Yep, it's totally free as soon as I buy my magazines. The lady eventually transfers me to an equally ghetto supervisor. She suddenly gets pushy and wants my credit card number. I'm like, "well, send me the $1,200 and then I'll send you the money for the magazines. Heck, I'll sign up for a lifetime subscription." She continues to be pushy. As soon as I say, "I'm not giving you my credit card number over the phone," the next sound I hear is the click of the phone being hung up in my face. Oh well, I'm sure it was a mistake.

Now, I'm watching the most beautiful sunset that's happening just outside my oversized living room windows. Again, I'm thankful I bought this laptop last year so I can be comfy on my couch and hear the cool sounds of laptop typing.

Who knows what the future holds for the rest of my evening? It surely will be a blast either way. Shooot dude. Whether something magnificent happens and I'm swept into an adventure or if I just pass out from too many yoohoo's, the day will end with a bang.