Monday, June 5, 2006

Another wonderful Monday

Wow, I just saw the tallest woman ever walk by.

Ok, so today was.... fun.

I wake up all early and buy a truck. On ebay that is. Crap, it's in New York so I better go get it soon.

Work is swell. It ends a little funny though. HR calls me in for a meeting at the end of the day since they apparently heard from someone that I was talkin junk about the company. I wasn't actually. I'm extra careful when I leave a company to finish the last two weeks really strong. It's always a bad idea to burn your bridges. So, the HR lady asks me if I'm unhappy, why I'm leaving, etc. I hesitate at first but she insists. Fine. I lay it out on the table for 45 minutes. I sincerely and unashamedly pour out everything about the department, the good, the bad. I tread on some of those forbidden territories and notice the pour old lady gulp a time or two, certainly wondering if the anxiety is visible. The conversation ends with an offer for today to be my last day. I accept with a bit of dissapointment in my voice. If nothing else, I have a two week paid vacation.

Yay. I guess it's time for planning a little trip to NYC. I figured I'd fly there but perhaps I'll take a train instead. What's 24 hours chilled out on a train? Maybe it will even lead to a little train romance. Hey, I've got the world ahead of me for the next couple weeks.

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