Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Need to whine..

Ok, I'm not in a bad mood by any means. I just need to whine. Since complainers SUCK, this is a good place for me to vent. If you get annoyed, just stop reading or whatever..

1. I hate Wal-mart. Those guys are morons.
2. Ever tried to peel 5 lbs of peaches? It sucks.

Ok and now to the good juicy whining. Since you've hung in there for the first couple gripes, you're in for a real treat.

I called Melissa tonight. Yeah, the One that turned out not to be the One. I figured..... I should have one last chat before her marriage. I did. It's over now. That's that - for real.

I called her and there was no answer but she called back a couple hours later. The girl tells me all about the stresses of preparing for a marriage. This dude she's marrying is a Christian but the two aren't going to church. That's not a good sign for her. She tells me she hasn't thought about that stuff in "a long time." She puts me on speakerphone so I could meet this Prince Charming. I say, "Hey, Knucklehead, take the girl to church!" They laugh at my joke but I think Dude caught my drift all the same..

They apparently already have an apartment. This dude still has a year of college left so they're getting married directly into a financial tight spot. I'm not a flipping marriage counselor but that's just trouble. Oh, and she actually mentioned that she is physically ready to get married like I wouldn't believe. (The knife goes in and turns..) I wanted to jump through the phone when she went on about missing me and wishing I could make the wedding in Idaho. I wanted to pop right out of her phone, deck the fianc� dude, and rescue the girl.
Did I do it? HA! Of course not. I'm a gentleman, you know. I sincerely wished her the best. It's good to have some closure. Honestly, I think the world is going to end in the next couple years. That will be the best closure, right? Keep your eyes on Iran and Russia. It's about to get hot and heavy over there.. prophecy is being fulfilled..
And you're wondering how I went from a broken heart to the current conflict in the Middle East. At the same time, I'm wondering why you've even bothered to read this far. So you and I both are somewhat retarded...

Oh yes, back to love...

Let's talk about fate. Is there only one person out there that is "meant" for you? Or, are there a multiple number of good possibilities for marriage that just depend on the time and place?

I'd like to think that there is just ONE person that is "destined" for me. However, I see a couple big problems with this possibility.
1. If she or I make a goof, then the other one is screwed. For example, if my 'the one' accidentally marries some other guy before meeting me, I'm screwed into marrying a Plan B girl.
2. It works both ways.. thus, making me 'the one' for some chick out there. What a sorry destiny when she discovers that her 'the one' is none other than ME.

Poop. That's what I say. POOOP.

So, the only plan I've ever had that makes sense is back in full force now. I'm aggressively saving money within the boundaries of a strict budget with the sole intention of moving overseas within 3 years. This is literally and actually going to happen. Maybe my 'the one' is hangin out in Europe right now, just waiting for me to get my crazy self over there. Yeehaa.. what a thought. I hope she likes Chinese food because that's my first stop after a year in Prague. (I'm presently considering a part-time job at a Chinese restaurant just to learn some of the language and culture.)

There's a [deleted ]

And I don't feel right ending this little weird ramble of a blog post on that note.

So.. um..

Heyyyy, I'm 2lbs away from having lost 75lbs on my diet. Yahoo for veggies.

I'm a moron. I know.
See ya.

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