Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I have a dream.. that little black boys and little black girls will soon join hands with...

Well, I did actually have a dream last night. I was attacked by a young tiger that was supposed to be tame. I stuck my hand down it's throat as hard as I could when it was about to bite me and it vomited all over me.


Here's a dream that I actually came up with while I was awake. I think this one sounds pretty amazing..

I'll show up in Spain along the coast somewhere and find a place to crash for a few months. I'll dive head-first into the language to learn as much as I can within the first few months. Then, I'll find a very special old man..

This old man will be in his 70's or 80's and live alone (preferably along the coast). He will be elderly enough to require assistance but not to the point of needing the services of a nursing home. Oh, and he'll be one amazing flamenco guitar player.

Here's the deal: I will move in with him, take care of him, cook, clean, be his companion, and anything else needed. Besides me living with him and eating his food, my only wages will be daily flamenco and classical guitar lessons. Yes, the main purpose of this venture will be to become a master flamenco guitar player. (I realize that this takes a lifetime of practice but it's certainly a great start.) Other likely benefits will be that I'll become a very close companion to this Spannish man in the latter years of his life. I'll become fluent in the language and a much better cook. Perhaps I'll even come out of this time a fine dancer. A dancer and guitar player that has lived under the wing of a great master for a year will generally have few that will rival him.

So, now you've seen a glimpse of my long list of dreams that I will persue before I die. Until then, I must say that this music is truly magical. Adios.

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