Monday, April 17, 2006

Everything is Illuminated

Oh it's just a movie.. but yeah..

It's got me thinking about my family's history and what various stories of love and tragedy are lost in the forgetfulness of the years. In some ways, I think love may be richer and deeper when never seen brought to fruition. How many volumes could be filled with tragic endings? How many folks pass away in their later years with a distant sadness still seen in their eyes from a love never attained. It is these stories that captivate my imagination and wonder. Shakespeare realized it in his story tellings, as have many others. The tragedies that end in heartbreak and suicide often strum chords in our hearts that resound familiarity. I even dream sometimes of that heartbreak passing down the generations and through my own veins. I can almost feel it, though I will never know for sure. Like a diamond on a piece of black velvet, it's the tragedies that cause the joys we experience to be illuminated.

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