Friday, April 7, 2006

Cloves, albino apple pie, and the promise of a tornado

My new Indian friend had me over tonight and we surely had a blast. I scribbled down a recipe as he made a chicken dish. Cloves, cinnamon, garlic, onions, tumeric, red chilis, etc etc etc made an incredible dish. He forgot to brush butter on the top of the apple pie so we called it the albino apple pie because it was so white. Wow, it sure did feel good to hang with a person from another culture once again. India is actually fairly high up on my list of countries to live in.

And where are all these tornados that I was promised? School lets out at 1pm so the kiddies won't get swept to Oz and now it's 11pm and such a beautiful night! Ah well.

Now there's a thought....
How I would love to be swept to Oz tonight. A magical land full of singing midgets and flying monkeys sounds like just the thing to chill me out from a long week of mediocrity.... See ya......

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