Monday, December 5, 2005

Dave's Hog Roast

At the top of this week's cravings: Dave's Hog Roast

If you don't know me from York, chances are you have never had the pleasure of eating from Dave's. If you have, your mouth is watering all over your keyboard. Wipe it up - people are staring.

Just a few steps off Petergate sits Dave's Hog Roast. The whole place is the size of my living room. As you near the entrance, the large window displays today's feast: several chickens, a lamb, a chunk of beef, a turkey and a pig. Dave roasts each of these in the morning and sells them for lunch in sandwiches. He closes his doors for the day whenever the last bite has been sold. It usually takes a mere 3 hours to sell out so arriving at 11am is a good idea.

Since only 3 people can fit in the door, the line goes for about 20 people down the sidewalk. At the counter, order a lamb sandwich with mint, a turkey sandwich with stuffing smeared on it, or a pork sandwich with applesauce running down your fingers. Oh, and the pork always comes with a chunk of real pork rind (with little hairs still attached) on the side. I love watching them literally carve the meat off the roasted animal and layer it thick onto my bun. Though greasy, Dave's hits the spot every time.
And since I'm on a roll with these restaurant reviews, stayed tuned for "Jenny's Fish and Chips - £1.50" Don't forget to bring your Pepto Bismal and a defibrillator (just in case).

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