Sunday, October 5, 2008


I saw Lane Seabolt at my favorite little coffeehouse last night. One particular song is really moving me and I’d like to share the lyrics with you in a moment.

Broken love, crushed dreams, lingering memories. I've heard that our most vivid memories are attached to specific scents. Interesting. A smell recently triggered a memory that violently shook me to the core of my being. Do we realize how much we hold onto the past? Do we realize that our present actions will soon become memories that will only be relived as secondhand experiences? Like a thrift store, I peruse the rusted shelves of my former romances. Not really in the mood to buy anything. Just looking around, taking it in. Remembering how the broken toys used to light up and play music and how the tattered worn dresses used to sparkle like new. Perhaps a small part of me wants to grab a dress, throw a tie around my neck, and dance down the isle one last time. However, those dresses are vacant now – long ago forgotten.


Anyways, here's the lyrics to the song..

"Anything" by Lane Seabolt

i dont know if there was
anyone else who was
standing there
watching you
moving as if it all
mattered but we both know
nothing means anything
anymore anymore anymore

far below
there's a room
where i keep all that you
left in the pantry
and under your pillow
i know it's juvenile
but when i close my eyes
i still remember
your smell in the morning
when all was calm
all was new
all was good
but for you
hiding your face in your pillow

dont tell me what to do
i'm still in love with you
you're still a part of this sad situation
you can move on
but you'll never move past
all the words that were spoken
with only your eyes

long ago
we both knew
you for me
me for you
i still remember it like it was yesterday
i dont know if there was
something between us but
you've taken everything everything everything

so they say
it takes two
now it's just him and you
dancing and dreaming
and moving as if it all
mattered but we both know
nothing means anything
anymore anymore anymore

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