Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jesus Loves You, Fluffy..

Hey Guys -

Found this recent public announcement for a local church (Christian Church - Disciples of Christ denomination). Any thoughts or opinions?..

BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS - Pets should be brought on a leash or in a suitable carrier to the gathering, which will be held on the front lawn of the church. All pets are welcome, but photos of pets also are welcome. The service will include readings, prayers, music, a blessing for all living pets, as well as for those pets who are no longer with us. There will also be an opportunity for the individual blessing of pets.

Thoughts? I have a reoccurring discussion with a close friend of mine regarding animals/pets, their spiritual state, etc. This friend tends to believe that pets will be in heaven but there is no scriptural backing for this and I personally don't believe that animals have eternal spirits whatsoever. As far as this gathering that is being advertised, I'm undecided as to the validity of blessing animals..

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