Friday, March 16, 2007

$370 million

For the past few days, the talk at work has been centered around this huge lottery that's breaking records. We've had several team lotto pools (everyone chips in to buy lots of tickets and agrees to split any winnings)..
I found myself this morning pondering the possibilities of what I could do with tens of millions of dollars. Before long, my mind painted colorful fantasies on the walls of my imagination.

I remembered a few truths tonight as I worshipped at 7|22. A couple lyrics in particular from one of the songs brought me back to where I needed to be -
"Jesus, you're the well that won't run dry. Jesus, you're the drink that satisfies... we will thirst no more when we drink from You.."
Yeah. The money is not what I need. It would not satisfy me. Not even $370 million could fulfill the longings in my heart and soul. I'm already rich and already have infinately more than the lotto jackpot. I have Jesus and He is the one and only source of real life. Regardless of what my bank account looks like, I have the option each day to be filled with joy and life or to be empty and miserable. It all depends on what source I'm drinking from to quench the thirsts of my desires and appetites.

Tonight, I choose to find my identity and wholeness in the person of Jesus. That makes me one rich dude. Jump on board with me. I want to see heaven crowded. I want to see my friends living awesome lives and being used for radical purposes until then.

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