Monday, July 3, 2006

A disruption of my slumber

Yesterday, my big dumb friend thought it would be funny to test my smoke alarm. It worked just fine. It wasn't even that funny - just loud.

So, I'm sleeping all cozy like and the thing starts chirping like it's out batteries. I think I can just sleep through it but not so. Try sleeping through a smoke alarm chirping every 20 seconds and see how far you get.

I climb up on my couch and yank the thing off my wall. Surprise, Surprise. It doesn't take a battery like every other normal smoke detector in the world but is connected to all the others in the building with wires. I disassemble the whole face and pull out the wires. Just as I lay down, it STILL chirps every 20 seconds. After 10 minutes of wondering how it is chirping on my desk without a battery or power source, I decide to just leave it in the hallway near the elevator. Wow, I can still hear it all the way in my apartment. What choice have I? I decide against destroying it because the back says something about radioactive materials.

4:30am and I get dressed, walk 2 blocks to my parking deck, up a flight of stairs, and put the smoke detector in my truck. (Now that I think about it, I hope it doesnt leak any of that radioactive material on my floorboard.) The local crackheads were pissy for me waking them up but still mustered enough energy to ask for money.

Not happy.

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